An Elephant in the Gallery

Scéalta Ealaíne

"Just Boys and Girls", 40 paintings by Kelly Ratchford in memory of the 40 children who were killed during the Easter Rising, in the Republic art exhibition at the Olivier Cornet gallery, Dublin “Just Girls and Boys”,  40 paintings by Kelly Ratchford in memory of the 40 children who were killed during the Easter Rising

Odd, wouldn’t you say, that there are very few art exhibitions in Dublin about the Easter Rising in this centenary year. There have been concerts, readings, plays and poetry evenings – but not much art. For various reasons, the visual artists seem to steer clear of ‘political’ work – but in my opinion, all art is political. It cannot be separated from the society from which it emerges. And I’m happy to read in the Irish Times that the artistic director of Project Arts Centre agrees with me!

“What surprises me most”, he writes, “is that some citizens believe that art should or can only be neutral – that an arts organisation should not present work that challenges the status quo… It is vital for art and artists…

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7 Responses to An Elephant in the Gallery

  1. inesephoto says:

    Children always suffer in the grownups world.

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  2. This post brought back many memories and feelings for me. The Oklahoma City bombing–meant to destroy a Federal building and and IRS office–also destroyed a preschool day care center, killing and wounding many 2-4 years old. The final tribute, sculptured chairs catching the sun at the same time of day as the killings, included smaller chairs for each of the children.

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    • oglach says:

      That was a senseless and tragic event. Some moments in human history are so overwhelming to our faculties that we can only begin to deal with them many years later. The “Republic” exhibit featured in the post contains a variety of works by different artists concerning the birth of a nation, some dealing with tragedy, others with hope. Thank you for reading and commenting.


  3. art that steers clear of politics is in its muteness a political statement.


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