Tiger At the Break of Dawn


She stalks silently

tiger at the break of dawn

whisper in the grass

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21 Responses to Tiger At the Break of Dawn

  1. I can see her. Nice one, Oglach

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  2. incarceratedshadows says:

    Another winner Oglach.

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  3. skat says:

    Nice. Just a big pussycat.😉

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  4. So evocative of unseen movements. I wonder what her prey was? I’m sure she caught her meal.

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  5. Stealth and dangerous,
    he smiles; my dress comes undone-
    the Irish James Bond.

    Ah, some animals possess that raw power. Your haiku is magnetic and thrilling. Forgive my absence, my dear friend. xo

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    • oglach says:

      Oh my word. All is forgiven and then some.
      It’s not the same without you—come back so I can get some writing done.

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      • I’ve missed you and all the silliness. There are things in my life, outside of blogging, that needed repairing. My marriage had frayed at the edges, and it literally came down to continue writing or try to mend what was broken. My energy is spent. I’m trying to yet find my balance. Thank you for your words.

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      • oglach says:

        I’m sorry to hear that, and I understand completely. There is a time and a place for everything and writing is one of those things you just can’t do on demand. I know that when you return to writing, you’ll be stronger than ever, because you’ve got “it”.

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  6. Sarah says:


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  7. That someone has not snatched you up and published you is a mystery! (C’mon lottery numbers!)

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