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The Irish are the Blacks of Europe

Have you ever heard this phrase? It’s a loaded one, to be sure, and the meaning generally depends on both the speaker and the listener. Some use it as a derogatory statement, others as a parallel between both the historical … Continue reading

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Once again, Republicans are denied freedom of speech

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British government seeking to have Omagh bombing intelligence assessed in private court told

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 THE British government is to seek to have some intelligence gathered on the Omagh bombing assessed in privite. Secretary of State for the North of Ireland Theresa Villigers (pictured below) plans to have a ‘closed material…

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Against Whataboutery

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I may not get round to writing about the matter of Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast and its treatment in the southern media in the depth I might like any time soon, but for…

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Great Thursday, Good Friday, Tough Saturday Morning

I am currently suffering from what is known (in politically correct circles) as WB. Or as it used to be called in less enlightened times…. Writer’s block. (Gasp!) The problem lies not with a lack of topics, but rather too … Continue reading

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