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If you’re offended by casual swearing… Ireland ain’t for you.

Originally posted on The Cedar Lounge Revolution:
This entertained me a lot, a list of 13 things tourists should not do in Ireland, particularly the following: Object to swearing If you’re offended by casual swearing, Ireland might not be the…

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Wading Into The Foyle

    “Time, gentlemen.” The bargirl began placing the empty chairs atop their tables one by one. Even with all the lights on in the pub it was very dark, but the younger man had no difficulty seeing his friend’s … Continue reading

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Waiting By The Window

Waiting by the window listening to the wind blow when are you coming home?   You know the hour is growing late and though I tire, I will wait until I know for certain we’re alone.   At the mirror, … Continue reading

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Fake Last Post

  Any of ye who have been blogging for any length of time have probably run across a scenario like this; you log onto to your Reader only to find that one of the bloggers that you follow is announcing … Continue reading

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Tiger At the Break of Dawn

  She stalks silently tiger at the break of dawn whisper in the grass

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Make Peace With The Last Of Me

  Not the man you wanted me to be too strong to be a failure too just to be an enemy lay down your arms and make peace with the last of me.   Sure I threw that wrench in … Continue reading

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Through You

  The wind blows through you carries part of you away— change with the weather.

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