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IN-SHADOW – This impressive short film is a violent criticism against capitalism

Originally posted on AesthesiaMag:
? IN-SHADOW: A Modern Odyssey is an impressive short film, which paints a dark and satirical portrait of our modern society. During 13 minutes, this short film directed by Lubomir Arsov connects symbols and metaphors, attacking…

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Before You Were Here

  It may come as a surprise to some of my readers to learn that as of this writing, a full 95% of the all the world’s Poles now live in Ireland[1], with the remaining five percent living, of course, far to the east … Continue reading

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Harry Is Late For Tea, As Usual

  Harry is late for tea, as usual, but this time he has a valid excuse. On the trolley, he decided to practice astral projection from outside the safety of his own home for the first time. He relaxed, entering … Continue reading

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