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One for the Weekend

“Work is the curse of the drinking classes.”—Oscar Wilde

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I thought I saw Him Staring at me from Heaven Pareidolia

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A Composition

One of my favourite poems by Kathleen Mortensen…

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One for the Weekend

“We all pay for life with death, so everything in between should be free.”—Bill Hicks

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Across the Room and Into the Fire, Pt. 4

(Image source;  Wikimedia Commons) “The unvarnished story of a brawling genius and his life as a young revolutionary.”—London Times Literary Supplement So read the cover of the book I held in my hands. It was another summer at my grandparent’s home, … Continue reading

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One for the Weekend

“I think we’re only eight or nine shit decisions away from freedom.”—Tommy Tiernan

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Visiting Hours at the Laughing Academy

Just a boy And his half-bound book All alone In a white-walled room   Blank blue eyes Though thoughts lie behind With no pen In a white-walled room   Past his door In a dark red room Sits a girl … Continue reading

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Off an Island

Open oceans sigh Too calm, these glassy waters… Missing fishermen  

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Cré na Cille

Autumn turns the page She learns more and more of Less Reading churchyard clay

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Across the Room and Into the Fire, Pt. 3

Summer has an odd way of lasting forever and vanishing in an instant. One morning, our grandmother told us that my father would be coming to collect us the following morning. She said this without a trace of emotion. I … Continue reading

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