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Moore St – Birth/Death -place of the Irish Republic

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The Mirror has  been interested in the story of Moore St re-development for quite some time. The street  is linked with the last stand of the Volunteers during the Easter Rising and the…

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Moore Street, Big Apples and Airbrushing

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Halloween-Apple-no.2, 20 x 20cm, oil on canvas You know of course that Irish apples are the nicest, sweetest, juiciest apples in the world.  I did a series of apple paintings a while ago.…

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598. Cré nó Cill

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Foilsithe ar dtús i Feabhra 2016 ag Coláiste Lurgan Cúrsa D anseo ? Liricí 1. Is mó an luach an grá atá ’am di. My love for her is priceless. B’shin an chaoi a d’airigh…

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In My Absence

“When I came back to Dublin, I was courtmartialed in my absence and sentenced to death in my absence, so I said they could shoot me in my absence.” —Brendan Behan This last time I was courtmartialed, I was found … Continue reading

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Back to the Front

Upon my release from hospital, I was deemed fit for active duty. Instead of the lighter assignment I expected, I was put right back into the shit. I wasn’t having it, and went absent without leave. I decided to have … Continue reading

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War Correspondent

During my time as a combat journalist, everything that was not in line with the party line was to be taken as either enemy propaganda or a poorly timed joke. Then the inevitable happened, and I was wounded. During my … Continue reading

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