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Breaking – Ireland will block #Brexit deal if #MayDUP deal goes ahead

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In a huge – and possibly mortal – blow for Tory hopes of delaying the collapse of their ‘weak and wobbly’ minority government, Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has told Irish TV station…

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Originally posted on Julie Corcoran Photography:
©Julie Corcoran Daydreamer

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Echo of a Roar

We lived each day as if living were an act of revenge, took delight in the jaw-dropped shock on the faces of the proletariat and warmed ourselves on the cold shoulders of our so-called betters. Then our luck ran out … Continue reading

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This Election Is A National Emergency

Originally posted on A Wilderness of Peace:
You might not know it from some of my posts, but I’m an eternal optimist. Some say there are people out there who would never vote for independence: that they either identify too…

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On the Night Shift

    There is a priest in the off-license, buying two bottles of whiskey. His face is pasty and pocked with blotches. His hands tremble as he struggles valiantly to  count out his notes and coins. On his third attempt, … Continue reading

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The Footsoldier

  “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” —Plato   Dust was Lapointe’s world now. Dust was in his boots, inside every crevice of his uniform. It was in his hair, on his tongue. It was in his … Continue reading

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Stars Arcane and Sacred

Below are the first four lines of a poem that I’m working on. First I’ve written them in English:   Stars arcane and sacred perish in the night brilliant supernovae blooms announce their dying light   And here, I’ve made … Continue reading

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