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Water, water, everywhere

. As of today Jan 19, close to 5,000 people in the north of Ireland are without water, mainly in counties Derry, Fermanagh, and Tyrone.  Government authorities, in a dispute with union representatives, have set up water supply stations to … Continue reading

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Raining on Parades (part 1)

As promised in my last post, I will now speak about the issue of parades in the north of Ireland, an unresolved and controversial  subject which all parties at the Stormont Agreement failed to address in a concrete manner. Parades … Continue reading

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Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag Do you know this game? Two opposing teams, each with their own flag—secured in their home “base”, attempt to capture one another’s flag and return it to their own territory for the win. During the game, “enemy” … Continue reading

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Dinner and a Show

“BBC Channel 4 has commissioned Irish writer Hugh Travers to pen a television pilot about a subject of his choice.” Travers’ choice? A sitcom about An Gorta Mor—the so-called Irish Potato Famine. Tentatively called “Hunger”, the proposed comedy series has … Continue reading

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Polcon in Belfast

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee are at Stormont today interviewing Northern Ireland politicians on devolved institutions, as part of an inquiry into the future of Devolution settlements. They are scheduled to question David Ford (Alliance Party), Alasdair McDonnell (Social … Continue reading

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First post

Check here often for news and political analysis about the situation in Ireland.

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