free walks Dublin Fest of History, Sept.

Take a walk…

Arran Q Henderson

Dublin Decoded are proud to partner Dublin City public libraries and their superb annual two week-long event, the Dublin Festival of History (DFoH) which takes place 23rd September to 08 October this year.

Many of you will already know well the Festival of History, a packed annual programme of public talks, lectures and interviews with some of the leading names in Irish, European and international history studies. In the last three years alone, speakers and events have included Tom Holland (Rubicon) Simon Schama (the History of the Jews)  and Trinity College Dublin’s Professor of Modern history John Horne, interviewing the great Hew Stachan on the First World War. The middle weekend each year in particular, is a smorgasbord of delights for all lovers of history. In short, this is is one of our favourite events of the year, so we’re frankly thrilled (and not a little proud) to be associated…

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14 Responses to free walks Dublin Fest of History, Sept.

  1. Are you going to the festival?

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  2. Monochrome nightmares says:

    Where I was born.

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  3. Monochrome nightmares says:

    I haven’t been over in about
    three years or more.
    My parents are from Kildare and we
    came to London when I was about 6
    months old. As a child I used to spend all
    my summer holidays in Kildare and Dublin.
    My wife was born and raised in Dublin and we
    got married there 33 years ago.

    What part of Ireland are you from?

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  4. sheldonk2014 says:

    Thanks for visiting
    As always sheldon

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