“1916 -1966” 50th Anniversary Calendar

Irish Election Literature

A beautiful calendar created to mark the 50th Anniversary of The Easter Rising. Each month is beautifully illustrated and has a piece on The Rising, the lead up to it, The War of Independence and John F Kennedy at Arbour Hill. Each date carries an anniversary of what happened on that day. A really fantastic piece of History.
Many Thanks to the sender

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3 Responses to “1916 -1966” 50th Anniversary Calendar

  1. Wow! I remember that calendar! We had one in our house. I was only 7 years old in 1966 (giving away me age now 😦 ) but I remember some of those pictures. Brill to see them again. Thanks for posting, eoin

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    • oglach says:

      I’m glad you liked it; the thanks goes to Irish Election Literature and the Cedar Lounge Revolution; that’s where I found it; I’d seen the images before, but not the calendar itself. It’s truly a beautiful work of art.

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  2. Uh oh. Now I’m getting an education from reading your blog….

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