A Brief Conversation On Eternity

” Is there really such a thing as Heaven?”

“Don’t know for certain. No one does.”

“Is there such a thing as Hell?”

“Don’t know for certain. No one does.”

“But what if there’s nothing after you die?”

“Then you won’t know the difference, so you have nothing to worry about.”

“That’s not an answer! If there is a Heaven, what do you think it’s like?”

“Being alone with your own thoughts for eternity.”

“Then what is Hell like?”

“Same thing. Mind your thoughts, and mind how you live your life.”

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9 Responses to A Brief Conversation On Eternity

  1. Dang, I’m in for a world of hurt. 😉

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  2. Ah, quite the storyteller with a few words but a whole lot to say! I’m in the same boat as Doug (Elusive Trope) — haha!! Loved this 😀

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  3. Thank God for Purgatory, that’s all I’m saying…

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  4. skat says:

    This is why Dante chose circles, I think.

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