Twenty tips for learning Irish


For Bliain na Gaeilge 2018, this is a list of twenty tips for people who are thinking of learning Irish. Don’t forget that the best tip of all is START NOW AND DO A LITTLE EVERY DAY!


Learn a song from YouTube, and hunt down the lyrics on Wikipedia or other sources. (Suggestions: Coinleach Ghlas an Fhómhair, Don Oíche Úd i mBeithil, Éamonn an Chnoic.)

Write shopping lists in Irish. By the time you’ve written oinniúin or trátaí or bainne twenty times, you’ll never forget it!

Extend this to to-do lists, caithfidh mé na héadaí a iarnáil, caithfidh mé arán a cheannach, caithfidh mé dul chuig an gharáiste, ba mhaith liom an chistin a ghlanadh, ba mhaith liom siopadóireacht a dhéanamh.

Listen to Irish music by Clannad or Altán.

Use online resources like Duolingo and Transparent Irish.

Use to find interesting phrases and check pronunciations.

Write a list…

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18 Responses to Twenty tips for learning Irish

  1. michnavs says:

    Thank you fir sharing o
    Og…now it makes me wanna learn it..

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  2. I love the post-it notes idea! I’d like to try it as I’m going shopping, too. I wonder if I do that often enough, my neighborhood might start speaking Irish? 🤔 lol. Thanks for sharing!! xo

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    • oglach says:

      A woman speaking Irish can be very alluring. Also, the more Irish speakers your neighborhood has, the higher the overall IQ will be. These are not my opinions, but scientific facts. 🙂 Thanks for reading Rose, hope all is well. 💗

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  3. Thanks for sharing this, Oglach! You find me guilty of not having learned any Irish by now! 😂 But I haven’t forgotten about it and these tips will be very useful in the near future!

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  4. incarceratedshadows says:

    Gur post Maith e sin Oglach.

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  5. Oh! Oh! OR…marry an Irishman! (Or Woman…)

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  6. K E Garland says:

    These seem very practical for learning any language, I think. Great list!

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