Fine Art Photography by Julie Corcoran.

Julie Corcoran Photography

Julie Corcoran Daydreamer ©Julie Corcoran Daydreamer

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10 Responses to Daydreamer

  1. An excellent piece of photography.

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  2. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us, Oglach! 😄

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  3. The image itself is striking. It is interesting to toggle between the original post’s dark gray background and this reblog’s white background. The context has an influence on where my eye goes. The weirdness of the figure floating above the ground comes thru more strongly when the white background makes the low sun less compelling.

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    • oglach says:

      That is an interesting observation. Because I associate daydreaming with sunlight coming through my closed eyes and giving me a sort of hint that I’m still in the real world, I find the sun and the floating daydreamer almost connected. I suppose it really depends on the observer, like all art. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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  4. Maybe it’s because I am mattress shopping right now… but I LIKE this image!

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  5. Daydreamer is the apt title… !

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