Sabotage, A Beastie Boys And Sesame Street Mashup


Big Bird meets the Beastie Boys in a mashup of the 1985 Sesame Street movie Follow That Bird and Spike Jonze’s legendary 1994 music video, Sabotage. All credit to the creator, Mylo the Cat (aka. Adam Schleichkorn), whose previous releases have included the Muppets rapping out to hip-hop classic, So What’Cha Want.

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Shinto Shrine Maiden


How could you do it—

steal my breath away like that

—a fox in the night


moonstruck and foaming

at the mouth as I kiss you

our souls intertwined


you brought me to peace

and then tore me to pieces

Shinto shrine maiden

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Motorcycle Safety is No Accident



Summertime is in effect and marching season is right around the corner.  But instead of focusing on a bunch of idiots in silly costumes engaging in antisocial behaviour and potentially dangerous activities, let’s talk about motorcycle enthusiasts.

I’ll assume that if you are one of these folk, that you already know and obey the rules of the road, and are well aware that there is no greater danger to you than the oblivious automobile driver. Always assume that no one sees or hears you. Also, ride safe and sober at all times.

Now that the obvious is out of the way, here are some safe riding reminders:


Proper riding attire: While the young woman in the photo above has remembered her helmet, she is wearing it incorrectly. Also, in the even that she lays her bike down, her clothing may not protect her from road burn.


This more experienced rider knows that leather is still the best protection, but is wearing neither sensible footwear nor a helmet. Dress for the road from head to toe!


Be aware of both existing and new road rules.


For those of you born after 1998, this is what a border crossing looks like.  (I time travelled to 2018 to take this photo on the Donegal/Derry border.) Always have your papers ready, and for fuck’s sake, keep your hands visible at all times! Expect long delays.


Respect the neighborhoods you ride through. 


Examples of gang patches include the following:

anything with this—


or this—



Ride safely my friends, and may the wind be ever at your backs.

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Breaking – Ireland will block #Brexit deal if #MayDUP deal goes ahead


In a huge – and possibly mortal – blow for Tory hopes of delaying the collapse of their ‘weak and wobbly’ minority government, Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has told Irish TV station RTE that the Irish Republic will not support any Brexit deal (encompassing, among other things, any free-trade agreement) if the UK does not ‘fully’ protect the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) and the peace process in Northern Ireland:

As there is no conceivable way that the Tories can do a deal with the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) withoutthreatening the peace process by forsaking the UK government’s pledged impartiality, this amounts to a declaration that Ireland will veto any Brexit deal if a Tory-DUP deal goes ahead.

Putting Theresa May and her advisors in an impossible situation.

A legal challenge to any ‘MayDUP’ deal is already in preparation on the grounds that it would breach the…

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Fine Art Photography by Julie Corcoran.

Julie Corcoran Photography

Julie Corcoran Daydreamer ©Julie Corcoran Daydreamer

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Echo of a Roar


We lived each day as if living were an act of revenge, took delight in the jaw-dropped shock on the faces of the proletariat and warmed ourselves on the cold shoulders of our so-called betters. Then our luck ran out with our money and we learned to live lean and on the fringe, darting back into civilization every now and then…just for a little taste. Never mind those empty heads and the hollow eyes that call them home—they don’t hate us, they’re just not like us. They don’t even know how to hunt.


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This Election Is A National Emergency

Too good not to share, there is something here for everyone, regardless of nationality.

A Wilderness of Peace

You might not know it from some of my posts, but I’m an eternal optimist. Some say there are people out there who would never vote for independence: that they either identify too strongly with their British identity to even consider a vote that they feel could jeopardise it, or because they think Scotland is incapable of making a success of what literally hundreds of other countries around the world do right now, or simply because they believe themselves to be “anti-nationalist.” I refuse to believe that anyone can be immovably anti-Independence, any more than anyone can be immovably pro-Independence. We’ve already seen movement from both sides – people I could’ve sworn would never turn suddenly joining the SNP, and others who seem hell-bent on undoing decades of struggle for a cause we used to share.

Yes, of course it’s more useful – in a cold, tactical sense…

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