Frost beneath my feet

Wild geese chanting overhead

Earth, Man, and Heaven



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35 Responses to Taijiquan

  1. michnavs says:

    Beautiful Haiku Og..

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  2. It’s a lovely day for a haiku

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  3. skat says:

    Stunning. I envy you.

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  4. Haicú den scoth! Go mbaine tú sult as an lá, a chara! An mbeidh tú ag amharc ar an rugbaí? 🙂

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  5. Line 2 provides a nice example of the nuances of word choice.  While to say that geese are “calling” or “honking” be fine in many contexts, to say that they are “chanting” is much better here.

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  6. Stunning haiku, Oglach! Love it!

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  7. There’s a beautiful harmony conveyed in your haiku where animals, human, and the weather come together. Stunning piece. Do you practice Taijiquan?

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  8. It’s a beautiful haiku, Oglach 🙂 Tai Chi is a bit different from the other martial arts, I’ve heard. i

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    • oglach says:

      It is. It’s based on Yin/Yang theory, and has a deep spiritual component for those who want it. It’s also great exercise. Thanks for reading and commenting, Maniparna.


  9. Oh…ignore the small ‘i’…

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  10. A lovely feel to this piece, and kind of magical, because I’ve never experienced it–different hemisphere and climate.

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