Mata Hari’s Head is Missing



Mata Hari’s head is missing

and they’re searching in the streets

looking high and low in Paris

and peeking ‘tween the sheets


Could it have slipped out on it’s own

and booked a ticket on a plane?

Or did it don a cheap disguise

And change it’s name again?


(Though her origins were Dutch

she was Indonesian in her myth

If you see her, please don’t touch

for Mata Hari has the syph.)


Just in case you wonder why

I concern myself with the witch

In a former life, it was I

who shot the sneaking, spying bitch


And though I thought it was the end

when she fell defiant, before me dead

Now I’m cursed to roam the land

In search of Mata Hari’s head.


According to Wikipedia, “Margaretha Geertruida MacLeod (née Zelle) 7 August 1876-15 October 1917) better known by the stage name Mata Hari, was a Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy for the Germans during World War I and executed by a firing squad in France.”  She denied being a spy until the end, and died rather bravely—refusing a blindfold and blowing a kiss to her executors. After being shot and sinking to her knees, she was then shot again, this time in the head, by an officer who was present.

Her head was embalmed and given to the Museum of Anatomy in Paris. In 2000, it was discovered that her head was missing and remains unaccounted for to this day.







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54 Responses to Mata Hari’s Head is Missing

  1. I suspect Mata Hari would have loved this ode. Well done!

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  2. Another great one! I noticed you’ve tagged it doggerel! Not at all, it’s very subtle and like all your stuff, it scans beautifully.

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  3. crow says:

    I do love a fun, rhyming poem. And this is both! I never realized she was executed.

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  4. Mata Hari’s head is now firmly atop the shoulders of Washington Irving’s (formerly) Headless Horseman and lives quietly in a house in Sleepy Hollow that they share with Elvis Presley.

    How many takers could I get if I posted that on a far-right “news” website?

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  5. ivors20 says:

    Such an enjoyable poem, all of, humourous, witty and informative……

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  6. MC Clark says:

    This was a delight to read, O, a quirky, rhyming bit of history. Can’t help but wonder who the hell would take her head…not much you can do with a dead head.

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    • oglach says:

      Oh, I don’t know about that…
      Just joking. I thought about asking my readers to speculate on the whereabouts of the head in the comments section, but knowing all of you, I thought better of it! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the poem, Cathy, thanks for reading.

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  7. A quick Google search revealed that not only is the noggin of said courtesan missing, but the likes of Geronimo, Beethoven, Descartes, and the Marquis de Sade have also had their craniums lifted. Mozart and Haydn, too. Some have been recovered, and it is rumored that Geronimo’s lifeless dome may have been originally pilfered by none other than Prescott Bush, and so may still be in the Bush family vault to this day. The final speculation was mine.

    But wouldn’t it be interesting to open a safe at Bush Family Manor and find all the skulls of history-lost in one final resting place?

    Regardless, we have a macabre trend.

    Your poem, by the way, was simply marvelous. Thank you for the morning entertainment!

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  8. You never fail to surprise me with the many facets of you, Oggy. Mata Hari was quite the harlot, and you captured her energy excellently with this cheeky poem. So, you’re not only Mata Hari’s poet but her executioner, as well. Very fun!

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  9. michnavs says:

    Mata hari would have fallen head over heels with you on this..

    Curently reading Spy by Paolo Coelho based on Mata Hari..

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  10. Makes me want to learn more about her. I just remember her as some kind of seductress to get secrets.

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  11. incarceratedshadows says:

    An exceptional piece of writing Oglach.

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  12. incarceratedshadows says:

    You Sir, are more than welcome.

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  13. megaeggz says:

    history gets dark O_O

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  14. a good rhyme poem is one where the rhymes are almost unnoticeable, the rhythm and beat carrying it along, and yours does just that…and filled with a wicked mirth 😉

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  15. Dead Donovan says:

    I lost my head once. It’s not a very pleasant thing to do. Great poetry, and I learned a lot! I’m sure she would’ve made a fine First Lady — the one we currently have in America had quite the similar stage career as Mata Hari.

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  16. You know, this woman intrigued me so much that when a few years ago I started playing a popular game “Mafia Wars” (don’t laugh, please. I really liked those executions, gang wars blah blah blah), I christened myself with the name Mata Hari 😀 Recently I read Paulo Coelho’s “The Spy” which is based on her life. What an interesting woman she was!
    I loved this ode to her spirit… 🙂

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  17. I never stop loving your poetry! How I wish WP allowed my follow to receive notifications of your posts…I still have to remember to seek you out in order to catch up…Bad, WP…BAD!!!

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  18. Resa says:

    Absolutely fascinating!
    Did you write the poem? It’s really good.

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  19. Bravo! What a wonderful and fun poem! Although sad in its core it´s a fascinating story about a woman who was treated rather badly from all sides. Didn´t know her head was missing and am now running wild with imaginations! Thank you for such a delightful read, Óglach!

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  20. tmezpoetry says:

    hahah loved it 🙂

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  21. I’m so distracted by the fact her head was kept at all, let alone stolen that I cannot remember the poem at all now. Was it good? Was there anything in it that wasn’t about her head? Ive no idea. I’ve gone completely blank! There is a disembodied head staring at me and it is freaking me out!! 😫

    So please, Oglach, tell me that it was her skull that was kept. Yes, you meant skull, surely? I like skulls. I can cope with skulls being kept by museums. Skulls are cool. Skulls are flesh free and smooth and tactile. PLEASE tell me it was her skull!

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