648. Gráinne ♫


Leagan eile de

Múinfimid Gaeilge do Ghráinne

Fonn: Loch Lomond ♫


Cé hí siúd a tchím ag tarraingt chugainn aniar?

Who is she [that] I see drawing towards me?

Nó fós, cad is brí lena cuairt chugainn?

Or yet, what does her visit to me mean?

Is í Gráinne mhilis Mhaol í a chaill a teanga féin

She is Sweet Granuaile, she who lost her own language

Is atá chugainn go tréan ar a tuairisc.

And is approaching us determined to find it.


Ó labhair léi go séimh deas i dteanga bhinn na hÉireann,

Oh speak to her mildly in Ireland’s sweet tongue.

Is bhéarfadsa an chailc is an clár liom.

And I’ll bring the chalk and the board with me.

Ná bíodh eagla ar an bhé, beidh sí eadrainn araon,

Let the muse not be scared, she’ll be amongst us too,

Agus múinfimid Gaeilge do Ghráinne.

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11 Responses to 648. Gráinne ♫

  1. What a beautiful voice and what a beautiful song! It was interesting to read the text and listen because it’s not always pronounced as one would guess. I always wanted to learn Gaelic but there were no teachers around here – but I’ve never lost the fascination for it 😄 And one word at least I did learn: slainte! 😉 Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. poeturja says:

    There is something so exquisite about a folk song in any language and this one is a perfect example. Since I only speak English (and a little Romanes/Gypsy) I sometimes make up words in my mind to go with music that is in an unknown language. I was way off on this one, once I saw the translation, but I appreciated reading it anyway. 🙂

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  3. Lovely voice…. and a nice melodic tune of this song! It’s so interesting to hear songs sung in different languages with their accents too. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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