Across the Room and Into the Fire, Pt. 6

Na trioblóidí


This is a story about a book burning.

When I was fifteen or so, the majority of my free time was spent in the pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge of girls. It was hard and (mostly) thankless work, but it had to be done. In my town, most of the girls my own age wanted nothing to do with me as a boyfriend. Not to be deterred, I pursued a girl two years my senior. She was a model. And she had a car. To the astonishment of everyone, including myself, she accepted my advances and proceeded to give me an invaluable education. Unfortunately it was not to last, and she broke my heart in the time honored fashion. After that she left town and I never saw her again.

Although mightily depressed, I found solace in the fact that my stock had risen during the course of our relationship. But…

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2 Responses to Across the Room and Into the Fire, Pt. 6

  1. Monochrome nightmares says:

    Hi Oglach.
    Did you not post part 6 recently?

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