Moore St – Birth/Death -place of the Irish Republic

You have to know your past if you want to have a future.


The Mirror has  been interested in the story of Moore St re-development for quite some time. The street  is linked with the last stand of the Volunteers during the Easter Rising and the tragic, long-drawn out  death of The O’Rahilly.The decision to surrender was taken in No 16 on April 29th, 1916.

Here are the  views of the Committee to save Moore St and the then Mayor of Dublin – a man with a “business background” who can see the value of nothing but money

Interestingly, James Connolly Heron, James Connolly’s great grandson  made a  speech at the Sinn Fein Mansion House Dublin event  last night, showing the Irish Republic was founded on many ideals, not one of which mentioned the profit margin or the bottom line!

You can listen to  it here

Just as he was speaking the call went out that demolition had started on Moore St.

“Buildings at…

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14 Responses to Moore St – Birth/Death -place of the Irish Republic

  1. benmadigan says:

    many thanks Oglach for the re-blog – much appreciated!

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  2. skat says:

    I must confess to a gaping hole in my knowledge with regard to the entire uprising. Recently, I watched a documentary in three parts (narrated by Liam Neeson) which had me enrapt. The thing is, I was mystified by the name “The O’Rahilly”. I thought it must be a band of men, until at last I gleaned from the doc that it was only one man, and a man who died a sad, lengthy yet valiant death.
    Also, I’m ashamed to say that I had no awareness previously of the Cum na mhan (sp?).

    I intend to do some reading on the full subject. I’ve not read a lot of history. Can you recommend an accessible book to enlighten me?

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    • oglach says:

      “The” used to be kind of an honorific. Cumann na mban is the name of an Irish women’s political and military council. You can find out more in an excellent book by Shannon Haire entitled “Petticoats, Patriots and Partition” which I believe is available on the site “Choosing the Green–Roghnu Glas.” Thanks for reading. 🙂

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  3. skat says:

    Thank you. Can you recommend a book on the Rebellion itself?

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  4. Monochrome nightmares says:

    Hi Oglach.
    Just visited the original post.
    A most interesting site.
    I shall visit again later.

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  5. Your comment should be carved in stone someplace:

            You have to know your past if you want to have a future.

    Americans are notorious for “knowing” only an absurdly oversimplified and spun version of their own past and knowing zilch about other nations’ past. That is part of why DT is President-Elect.

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