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A proposal made by the Wilgar Community Forum (East Belfast) for a statue of Irish music legend Rory Gallagher to be placed outside Ulster Hall has been approved by the Belfast City Council planning committee, according to the BBC.

Gallagher (2 March 1948-14 June 1995) is world renowned for his guitar virtuosity, and is cited as an influence by U2’s The Edge, Slash of Guns N’ Roses, and Brian May of Queen, amongst many others.

He is also well known in his native Ireland for his insistence on performing in Northern Ireland during the 1970’s when many other acts refused to play there because of the ongoing violence.

Jimi Hendrix, when asked what it felt like to be the greatest guitarist in the world, is purported to have said, “I don’t know. Go ask Rory Gallagher.”



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  1. skat says:

    Why did he die so young?

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    • oglach says:

      A combination of alcohol and tranquilizers (which he took to ease his fear of flying) put him into liver failure. He received a transplant, but contracted MRSA during or after the operation. He was a brilliant musician and performer, very underrated in his lifetime.

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  2. Great news! There should be more statues of awesome guitarist heroes in the world!

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  3. Monochrome nightmares says:

    Hi Oglach.
    Can you please check your spam file.
    I left a comment along with my Like,
    and I don’t see it here.
    I had been having a few problems, where
    my comments were ending up in other
    bloggers spam file.
    I think WP have sorted the problem now.
    I truly hope so.

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  4. skat says:

    I hope you’re planning a post soon, my friend. I miss reading your work.

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  5. You mentioned some great guitarists there, I certainly concur with your music tastes. Great post!

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