North Tipperary Agriculture Show

R6rpnvP  On Monday (August 1st), the Nenagh Showgrounds will host the 141st recorded installment of the North Tipperary Agricultural Show. Ireland’s longest-running agricultural show, the North Tipp Ag show began in its current form in 1875. This, of course, was a continuation of a much older tradition of County fairs and agricultural events in late summer and early autumn. The town of Nenagh gets its name, an tAonach, from a fair (partly agricultural and partly judicial) held in the area in Norman times. This, in turn, was a modification of the traditional Lughnasadh gatherings held at this time of year since remote antiquity.

North Tipp Ag Show

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8 Responses to North Tipperary Agriculture Show

  1. BRH says:

    That small cow is determined not to be seen!

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  2. skat says:

    @BRH, over here we call them “calves”. ha ha I’m a vegan, so I love to see photos of happy cows. I’m a bovinaphile (if that’s a word), just not on my plate.

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  3. skat says:

    @oglach – Don’t worry, BRH and I have a long-standing relationship. We’re even footy-mates!

    Now, for your challenge: I’d like to see a piece about the first time you brought “The Creature” home and tie it in to being Irish, if you can.

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