A Royal Visit – Black Spider over Ireland

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Related imageThis spider was found in the north of the island, visiting an Orange Museum.

It was also spotted in the Armagh birthplace of the Orange Order.

On first inspection it looked dangerous.

Bite: Mild to severe, nausea, sweating, local pain, swelling and possible infection

Donegal councillor Mr Mac Giolla Easbuigis was one of the first to exhibit a reaction.

He  is not best pleased HRH the Prince of Wales and consort have come to stay


Who invited the pair here and why are Donegal County Council hosting them when there has been no discussion with councillors and a vote was not taken on the matter? Indeed the Council refused to confirm the visit to me when I asked about it last week too.

Answer”The visit to the Republic of Ireland is at the request of the UK Government .

charles and camilla

Queries: So why isn’t the UK government…

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3 Responses to A Royal Visit – Black Spider over Ireland

  1. You insult black spiders 🙂


  2. Just a little innocent web-keeping, no doubt.

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