Cruel Dream

“I thought you were dead.”

“I’m not; otherwise, how could we be talking? You can hear me, can’t you? You can see me, can you not?”

“I can. It’s just…the newspapers said…”

“Never mind what the papers said. We’re here together, right now. Isn’t that all that matters?”

“I’ve missed you.”

“You haven’t missed much. Wake up. I’ll see you again.”

“Where? When?”

“When you wake. Look in the mirror.”

“And what then?”

“Go back to sleep.”

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17 Responses to Cruel Dream

  1. That is deep and meaningful. Do you really dream of being dead?

    Totally irrelevant to this post but something that I have found immensely amusing over the years, which this post brought to mind, is the role of Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet in the Jimmy Stewart film ‘Harvey’. She meets all her old friends with something along the lines of “Hello dear, I thought you were dead.”. I wonder if I should use it on someone one day? A direct quote from the movie – “Is, is that Mrs. Frank Cummings? Doesn’t she look ghastly, I thought she was dead. I must get a closer look.”.

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  2. megaeggz says:

    I think I just had an existential crisis haha. Great work 😀

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  3. wonderful slice of dialogue. or is it a monologue? dream or not a dream (thus cruel?)? What my brain keeps going back to is ” It’s just…the newspapers said…” – dreams can be that way, a memory of reading something when in fact the act never happened. or in this case, did it happen? there is such an undertone of intrigue in the piece. it is as if the second person is trying to bamboozle the other, keep ’em on his or her heels, confused.

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  4. My own dreams tend to be merely weird. Yours is weirdly funny.

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  5. I wonder if the dead dream of living as those who are living have dreams of dying? Your writing gave me goosebumps and also made my poetic heart skip a beat. Beautiful and frightful work! ☠ ❥

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