Irish general election – sign in the sky?


Phoenix Rising in the Northern Light!!!

phoenix iceland

The  Northern Lights over Iceland  appeared as a Phoenix

Note the colours – green and yellow with a touch of orange!

An omen for the GE’s outcome?

A suggestion for who to vote?

Or a warning?

Take your pick!

Just remember to go and vote

Vote wisely!!

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11 Responses to Irish general election – sign in the sky?

  1. Wow. That would have been impressive to see in person.

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  2. acarson1 says:

    I shared that too as I thought it was a lovely image.

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  3. It really does look like a phoenix! I have only witnessed one bland and brief aurora borealis display, long ago in Massachusetts (farther south than they usually appear).

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  4. Reminds me of the Native American Thunderbird…known for bringing change to the people and to remind them that change is indeed inevitable while emphasizing the importance of community….the Northwest tribes believe he is carrying a whale in his talons. The Sioux identify four different birds, including the one of the yellow Thunderbird of the East, and the one of the West described as “clothed in clouds” by medicine man Lame Deer…very neat either way! I hope it does indeed bode well for your elections. Got anything for the U.S.? Amulets? Good Luck Charms? Magic spells?

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    • oglach says:

      Some people believe that if you see a thunderbird in your dreams, that you have to act out your dreams in waking life. (I think I may have read that in Lame Deer’s book.) I lived on the Ft. Berthold reservation for a year. (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara.) Not too much thunderbird talk there. I’ve no amulets, charms or spells that I’m willing to offer. Just follow your dreams.

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    • KC you need all and any type of talisman the way the Republican nomination is headed. I live in Australia and am enthralled by your elections. Can barely muster any interest in our up coming ( maybe sooner, maybe later – they can’t make up their minds) ones.

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  5. Am amazed that you have elections coming up! Have heard nothing of it here, or from my sister and her Irish family who all live in Dublin. Hope it is a good result for the disadvantaged in your community.

    The photo is so wonderful, I hope it is as pure and beautiful as it appears – meaning I hope it wasn’t subtly manipulated.

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  6. merrildsmith says:

    Those photos are incredible!
    I agree with KC, we could use some magic here in the U.S.

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