UK Maintenance – EVEL should do as EVEL is!

Home renovations. I sense a reality show in the making…


Time for EPEP – English Pounds for English Palaces

Westminster Palace  has suffered years of neglect and urgently needs major work. Built between 1840 and 1870 and damaged during WWII, it now features decaying stonework, subsidence, and asbestos

Query: Why hasn’t it already  been closed?

Comment: Anywhere else would have been.


Re-flooring, re-wiring, re-pointing and re-plumbing all beckon.


According to an £8million investigation, repairs could cost from £3 to 7 billion in a time frame of 10-30 years, depending on whether MP move out or not.

Comment: Watch that £7bn treble by the time the work’s done.

buckingham palace

Another paltry  £150 million are needed to save  Buckingham Palace.

liz ii

The most famous tenant in the world

has occupied the crumbling palace for 90 odd years and has done no maintenance, despite receiving £35.7 million annually from British taxpayers. She’s hardly likely to start now, particularly  since she’s not even paying for…

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3 Responses to UK Maintenance – EVEL should do as EVEL is!

  1. Leave the queen alone! Her crown’s probably too heavy for her in her old age, and she can’t think straight anymore (the crown’s weight has done damage to her brain). Poor thing! ♛ ♔

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