An interview with Dad (from 1965)

Scéalta Ealaíne

photo of East Wing, Kilmainham Jail 1966

We had a lovely evening with some of my oldest friends at the weekend. Sorry, I should rephrase that. I mean I’ve known them for years and years but we’re all still quite young… Anyway, we were talking about the old times, as we do, and we talked about Kilmainham Jail and my father’s role in its restoration. And then young Dave says: “but shur, you know that it’s all on the internet now man” (That man Dave is a fount of knowledge – dates, music, computers, you name it).

But there’s a little film clip in the RTÉ (television) archives of my father Piaras being interviewed by Cathal O’Shannon and he talks about how Kilmainham Jail was being restored by ordinary people on a completely voluntary basis. It gives me a lift every time I see it.  Here’s the link below – but don’t forget to return here for the…

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