War Again – Watch while you can!!!

Fine tutorial on British diplomacy. One of the best things I’ve seen in ages.

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We come in peace. You leave in pieces,”

This brief war video really deserves its place as tonight’s Saturday Night Film

A spokeswoman for Leave.EU confirmed that the video was posted on their YouTube channel but it was not made by the campaign.

“ It is not a Leave.EU video and has never been. It was posted as a Leave.EU video, not from our office, in light of the Syria debate. We removed it from every platform as soon as we saw it,” LeaveEU said.

Seize the opportunity to watch  while it’s available!!!

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6 Responses to War Again – Watch while you can!!!

  1. Even if it had nothing to do with the leave.EU group/campaign why would they want to remove it from everyone of their platforms? It is simply an anti war statement that they should be proud of. I wonder who made it if they didn’t?

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  2. It appears to be coming to that again, doesn’t it? UGH! Clever title, though.


  3. Apt and darkly funny. With slightly different details, essentially the same jabs the film makes at the UK could also be made at the US.

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