West Belfast Food Bank needs your help

Please donate whatever you can afford; you can afford more than you think; while you’re thinking about it, think about what it’s like to go without food.

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2 Responses to West Belfast Food Bank needs your help

  1. Just a thought… In several states I’ve lived in, they have a group called “Gleaners” who would go into harvested fields to collect what machinery rejected and who go into small farms or hobby grower’s yards to pick unwanted fruit and produce which they donate to food banks. They also manage some deals with restaurants and supermarkets to collect “expired” but still edible produce and bread. Another business sold canned and boxed goods that were rejected at supermarkets due to damage, lost labels, etc…You didn’t always know what you were buying, but it was sold cheaply. Don’t know if any of that would translate to your region’s needs and opportunities, but thought I’d mention it…

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