This Day in Irish History

Blood on the snow;

Blood on his hands;

Grey matter on his face;

His face gone pale.

Five shell casings.

He picked them up;

Put them in his pocket;

Telling himself he didn’t know why;

He knew it was all a lie.

In a jewelry box the casings were kept;

He took them out from time to time;

He told himself he’d make them into a necklace one day

But never did.

He wasn’t one to wear a necklace.

All the same, he wore them around his neck.

For the rest of his life.

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10 Responses to This Day in Irish History

  1. I had to google what today was as far as Ireland events were concerned. Michael Collins. I heard about him but didn’t know much at all. He sounded very brave, intelligent and looked very handsome, as well. I loved reading that he had deep respect for women and corresponded with many on friendly terms. Wow, now, that’s an incredible man!

    I loved your poem and know you’re not a poet, so I enjoyed it even more. Well done, Oggy.

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