‘Rock Stars Stole His Life!’

Whole lotta love.

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Reading the book ‘Rock Stars Stole My Life!’ by Mark Ellen who you will, no doubt,remember from Smash Hits, the Old Grey Whistle Test, NME and so on. It’s a good read, indeed in some ways it’s a great read with a genuinely different view of the music magazine’s in particular. I do take the point as made in comments on Amazon (I use it for the reviews, not for purchasing), that there’s a hint of Ellen being the kind of guy who walks into a pub and asks “a flagon of your finest ale, landlord” but, it’s pleasantly self-deprecating.

Interestingly Ellen played in the now infamous Ugly Rumours with one T. Blair, and let’s just say he provides a picture of the man which jibes neatly with later events. The account of life in the music mags – particularly Smash Hits, and the BBC is fascinating, as is the…

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