Magnificent vision: doomed ambition: Dublin Georgian North-East Sun 16th Aug.

Don’t miss this event! Even if you think Georgian architecture is not your cup of tea, Mr. Henderson will convince you to change brands. (Or at least enhance your palette.)

Arran Q Henderson

Dublin Georgian North-East on is a sociable walking tour this Sunday 16th August,. It explores in depth and with some humour, Parnell/Rutland Square; the Rotunda Lying- In Hospital, then further afield, the North and eastern sections of the magnificent old “Gardener estate”.

We’ll explore the complex history of Parnell/Rutland Square; including the pivotal place of the Rotunda, Lying- In Hospital within that history,

Included in our discussion are the buildings we now call the Ambassador and the Gate theatre, with their complex but fascinating history of conception, construction, décor and design.

Then we’ll explore and discuss likewise: Charlemont House; Granby Row and Lane; Mary’s Place and so on, winding slowly North and east, to Eccles Street and beyond with old, vanished churches, and plenty of other hidden secrets all along the way!

Throughout it all, we will explore, discuss and contemplate the extraordinary ambition, and ultimately doomed vision…

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