Unionists/Loyalists Hold Nationalists and Republicans In Contempt

Here you go. And here we go. Again.

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The Irish Republican Socialist Party has expressed outrage after a large board commemorating the Hunger Strikers was stolen and placed on a bonfire in Derry’s Fountain Estate.

hunger strikers on bonfire 2

The bonfire was constructed ahead of the Apprentice Boys of Derry annual commemorations and wll be burned  on Friday night, before Saturday’s  annual march through the city centre.

Comment: Unionists/Loyalists are once more expressing their age-old  contempt for nationalists/republicans – the IRSP in this particular instance. Unionists/Loyalists enjoy being contemptuous as contempt declares their superiority.

Who do they feel contempt for?

Republicans, Nationalists, Catholics – People without power who are distant from them.

If people are close to Unionists/Loyalists but powerless, then they feel compassion

If they are powerful but distant, Unionists/ Loyalists feel fear or envy.

What is Contempt?

1. A feeling of dislike toward somebody which leads to
2. considering the other person worthless, inferior and undeserving of respect.

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