Oh, Canada…

An appeal by three permanent residents of Canada who wanted to obtain citizenship but did not wish to pledge allegiance to the British royal family, has been rejected by the Canadian Supreme Court, according to BBC News.

The plaintiffs are as follows; an Israeli Jew, a Jamaican Rastafarian, and an Irish Republican.

There’s a joke in there somewhere, if only we could get the three of them to walk into a pub together.

Both the Rastafarian and Jewish faiths forbid their followers from swearing an oath to any person (in this case of course, Queen Elizabeth II).

Simone Topey, the Rastafarian resident, told Canadian TV news “I can’t do something I don’t believe in. I want to be real to Canada. I’m trying to be a citizen, not a subject.”

Well said.

Michael McAteer, the Irishman with strong republican views, objected to taking the oath on the grounds that it would be a violation of his conscience.

Peter Rosenthal, lawyer for the three would-be Canadian citizens, told the court of Appeal that being forced to say “I support the constitutional monarchy. How repugnant must that be to someone who’s a staunch anti-monarchist?”

Technically, Canada is a constitutional monarchy. So is Australia, which did away with a similar oath two decades ago.

Native Canadians, by the way, are not required to take the oath.

The Supreme Court gave no reason for refusing to hear the appeal, which is customary.

Government lawyer Kristina Dragaitis did have something to say, however. She argued that—and I am being serious—that the monarchy symbolizes the Constitution, the rule of law and the right to dissent, and that the appellants were taking a “literal approach” to the oath.

One of the definitions of “oath” according to Webster is “a solemn attestation of the truth or inviolability of one’s words”.

So in order to become a citizen you either have to violate your sacred religious/deeply held political beliefs, thereby making yourself a heretic and/or liar. And then you say, “just kidding”.

It’s really not that big of price to pay for being a Canadian citizen.

Just don’t take it too literally.

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4 Responses to Oh, Canada…

  1. skat says:

    To tell you the truth, there’s not that many of us here who give two hoots about the monarchy.

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  2. oglach says:

    I know. God bless ya.


  3. elmediat says:

    Monarchy is the best value for our money ( pay only if they visit ). It serves Canad very well.

    1. We became a country without a messy war/Revolution – went and asked Queen Vicky and she said okay. Very polite Canadian way to start a country.

    2. It helped keep Americans from trying to “liberate us”.

    3. We pick a Governor General to represent the Crown, then let them know who it is. Mainly ceremonial role, but it reduces the Prime Minister’s shine, so we don’t treat either of them like Commander and Chief with all the quasi-regal trappings that the Great Orange Disrupter wants .

    Eventually, we will get rid of monarchy, once England gives up on them. I wouldn’t be surprised if we try to keep the ceremonial post of the Governor General, to hand out the special Governor General Literary & Art Awards.


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